Hi, I'm Luke a technology enthusiast and wannabe creative based in Hobart, Australia.

Although strongly interested in Apple and its products, my passion for technology started at around age 10 with my family's purchase of a Commodore 64. Several years later my dad brought home a retired IBM PC clone from his small business, a Sanyo MBC-550, and for years following that I was an MS-DOS, and later Windows, user. In the early 90s I was exposed to VAX/VMS and Unix while studying computer science at university (unfinished), which led me to dabble with Linux and, not till around 2003, with Mac OS X—because of its Unix foundation. After that I was a convert, and have been a Mac user ever since.

In my professional life I'm a police officer, currently working in policy, but having spent most of my career as a detective specialising in fraud and computer crime. However, I have also tried my hand at general duties policing in city, suburban and country areas, as a general and drug detective, in criminal intelligence, as an academy instructor, and as a prosecutor.

You can reach me on Twitter at @lukemanhood.