Mac e-tax App Successfully Used

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the belated arrival of the ATO's e-tax app for Mac OS X—15 years after the Windows version was released! Well, I've just put it through its paces, and it all seemed to have worked (although unfortunately this year I have a tax bill thanks to the interest earned as a consequence of our house sale proceeds sitting in the bank while we wait for construction on our new place to finish).

The application signing error I mentioned in my previous post was resolved by the time I downloaded the app today, but there were still a few other rough edges. For some reason the print button in some sections of the app didn't seem to work, like in the screen where I was presented with my identity confirmation password (I was intending to save to PDF rather than actually print). And the the app doesn't appear to be a native Cocoa application, with the Mac's usual right-click contextual menus not being available (I use the speech function regularly to check the entry of long numbers and codes).

It also seems to have the exact same look-and-feel of the Windows app I've used for the past several years, which is not particularly attractive nor user friendly (the app just presents way too much text and doesn't seem to have the smarts to just present what is relevant to the user). But, better to have an ugly, unfriendly app than to have no Mac app at all.

If your experiences differed, I'd be interested to hear.