Report Vodafone to cap global roaming fees at $5 a day

Last month I wrote about some positive trends in mobile roaming costs (and on the lacklustre Australian Government action in this area). Well, in follow-up, Lucy Carroll had a story in on the Sydney Morning Herald website yesterday spruiking Vodafone's plan to cap global roaming fees at $5 per day in certain countries:

Vodafone will eliminate widespread ''bill shock'' by capping global roaming fees at $5 per day for customers travelling overseas.

From August, customers visiting the US, Britain and New Zealand will be able to use their existing plans to make calls, send text messages and browse the web while travelling.

$5 a day still sounds excessive, but it's still a positive trend, if true. If nothing else it generates some competitive pressure on competitors to match or beat the charges, which may ultimately get mobile roaming costs to a sensible level.

Towards the bottom of the article there was also a comment from Optus, although the context in which it was made seems a little unclear:

Optus' consumer business division head, Vicki Brady said: ''We welcome today's announcement on the simplification for global roaming in selected countries. Optus is working towards a more comprehensive international roaming solution in the coming months.''

But again, I'm hoping this news indicates a positive shift to more sensible pricing. Definitely something to watch.

Update: See this post for details of the Optus offer