The End of Sigil?

I’ve recently become enamoured with ePub production, and to date have settled on Sigil as my primary production tool. In fact, it’s the only half decent tool I’ve discovered to date. So I was disappointed today when I saw this blog post saying Sigil development has ceased.

Although it’s not beyond my capability to learn and build ePubs manually, it is a task that seems unnecessarily tedious for someone more interested in the content.

I did learn from the post that there is an ePub editing tool in Calibre, but from my brief look it’s not currently as useful as Sigil. So for the time being, I guess I’ll keep using Sigil until it stops working, at which time I suppose I’ll have to swap to Calibre, unless I can find another replacement.

Given the number of publishers selling ebooks in the ePub format (e.g. O’Reilly, Peachpit, everything on the Apple iBookstore—excepting iBooks Author text books), I’m really surprised there aren’t better ePub production tools. Maybe I’m missing something?