CarPlay Coming to Mazda

The one piece of news that particularly caught my eye this morning was that Apple had a number of new CarPlay partners, including Mazda. Having bought a 2014 Mazda 3 earlier this year, this was one of the features that I'd desperately been hoping would be announced prior—and made me seriously consider a Honda instead. 

Unfortunately there is virtually no detail on the announcement, but I live in hope (probably delusional) that there may be an update for my car that will enable the feature. Presently I use few of the built-in Mazda features, and find the interface somewhat obtuse when compared to iOS.


Discovered Tile today (via Daring Fireball). It's a small location-broadcasting fob that you attach to things you might misplace. An iOS app directs you to items within range, and includes an option to have the tile emit a chime to help you find it. When out of range of your iOS device, the system is designed to cloud-source the location from other tile users who may be nearby your missing item.

To truly appreciate the concept you need to watch the video (below) or visit the Tile website. It looks super-cool, and I've pre-ordered a few to give it a go.